Blauwalg alarm: Voorlopig is kajakken in Aalst niet toegestaan. In Denderleeuw geldt een waarschuwing om extra voorzichtig te zijn.

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Our canoe weekends

A canoe weekend, the ideal combination of exertion and relaxation. In a sporty manner, you can enjoy nature, the company, and a delightful weekend. Both children (from 6 years old) and adults can participate, and the weekends are suitable for both enthusiastic athletes and beginner adventurers. In short, a fun activity for the friend group or the whole family, and there's even a spot for your dog.


For a three-day adventure, you will depart on Friday evening (between 19:00 and 19:30). For a two-day experience, departure is on Saturday morning (between 9:30 and 10:00) at the café het Bruggenhuis in Overboelare, Geraardsbergen (Majoor Van Lierdelaan 50, 9500 Geraardsbergen).




To assist you on your way, the canoe weekend script is the ideal aid. It contains all sorts of tips and tricks to smoothly get from point A to point B. You can save this on your smartphone so that you can also refer to it during the trip.


What we provide

To ensure smooth sailing throughout the weekend, we provide each person with a paddle and a life jacket. For every two people, we provide one canoe, one waterproof barrel, and one canoe trolley to move your boat around the locks.

What you should bring

Prepare your trip thoroughly and plan in advance where you will stay overnight. Whether it's an adventurous camping spot or a comfortable B&B, the choice is yours. Remember that wild camping is not allowed in Belgium. Camping spots on our map can also be reserved.

Furthermore, you should limit yourself to the most essential items: a sturdy lock to secure your canoe during stops, spare clothes, towel, everything for your overnight stay, sufficient drinks, sunscreen, and some first aid essentials should not be forgotten.

Make sure you are at the departure point at the agreed time and consider that you will need to get back to your car at the end of the trip.

Parking is available along Erembodegemstraat at Schotte or at the Erembodegem train station, from where you can take the train to the starting point. Or you park at the starting point and return by train. Via Taxijan in Aalst, you can also ride back to Geraardsbergen for an attractive price of 80 euros per trip. A maximum of 8 people are allowed per trip. This taxi company has two minibuses (contact: or +32 499 11 14 89).







For the use of our canoe equipment, you pay €35 per person per day. A third person (child) per canoe pays €20 per person per day.
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The canoe trips take place over the weekend. For groups of 5 canoes or more wishing to take the trip at a different time, we will consider each request individually.



We are insured for public liability with The Outsider. This does not include personal accident insurance for participants. Please be especially careful on the slipways to avoid accidents. You are also not insured when colliding with other vessels, resulting in damage.

Some additional tips

  • At the start of your canoe adventure, we provide you with several essential items, including a baggage barrel. This is a round barrel with a twist lid where you can store your personal belongings. If water gets into the canoe or if your boat capsizes, your personal belongings will not get wet.


  • You will also receive a canoe trolley at the beginning of the canoe trip, on which you can place the canoe when crossing a lock or at the end of the trip. This way, you can place the canoe lengthwise on the trolley for transport. This is a very handy accessory since a canoe weighs several kilos. The canoe trolley can be placed on top of your baggage barrel while paddling.


  • During this canoe trip, it is important to consider other visitors to the Dender. Especially in spring and summer, you may encounter many fishermen, whose fishing lines are in the water. Try to stay as close to the side as possible and navigate around the fishing lines to avoid getting entangled in them.


  • Finally, be careful when taking the canoe out of the water, ensuring not to leave it in the middle of the towpath but rather on the side in the grass.

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