Blauwalg alarm: Voorlopig is kajakken in Aalst niet toegestaan. In Denderleeuw geldt een waarschuwing om extra voorzichtig te zijn.

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The assets of the Dender region

You could get hungry and thirsty for less from all that paddling. Thankfully, the Denderstreek is rich in catering establishments where you can enjoy appetizers or a sumptuous meal. After a snack and a drink at various stops, you'll be ready to go again in no time.
Throughout the cruise you also come across some of the region's attractions. You can take a trip up to visit Manneken Pis, a Provincial Domain or a beautiful castle, for example.
During canoe weekends and longer kayak trips, you can always choose to spend the night along the water's edge. If you prefer not to camp at one of the designated places where camping is allowed, the Dender region also contains a wide range of accommodations where you can comfortably spend the night.
Download this file and discover what the region has to offer.

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